30 Days of Planking – I know we all look bad here….

plankAgain…not me…no one wants to see a picture of me planking.  Today’s challenge is to pick a plank calendar and work up your plank for 30 days.  Planking is not hard [no seriously] you work up to it and it isn’t hard.  Planking also has serious benefits to your core and muscles…and you can do it while you watch TV with no special equipment and you don’t need to get our of your PJs.  You can also plank as a family…really I swear kids can do it too…even the littles!

Here are a couple of plans to save on your phone or computer, set a timer or alarm for the same time every day and just start!

 plank 1 plank 2

Benefits of Planking!

why plank

Enjoy…you got this!…Nancy Ann

This week…ways to get kids to understand money!

poker chipsPoker chips are cheap…I mean cheap…buy a couple of sleeves at the dollar store. That is all this project should cost.

Today is the first of five days of money handling for kids.  I am going to work from youngest to oldest.  This idea is aimed at 3 – 5 year olds, adjust as necessary, you know your kids.  I know some of you think three might be a little young to start teaching about money, I respectfully disagree.  Some of the monetary issues in our society are driven by a lack of value attached to the ‘things’ we ‘have to have’.

Kids are inundated by advertisers telling them what they have to have.  If you really think about it, how many of your parenting ‘Nos’ are in response to your child asking for something they saw on TV?  Today’s hack helps you put together a plan for rewarding your kids while teaching them that things need to be earned.

If your kids are small, have them collect chips for putting toys in a basket.  Four chips = whatever they find that is super fun!  As an example:  If your little girl wants you to dress up and play ‘Frozen’ with her that may equal two chips.  The smaller the kid, the easier the tasks should be to complete.

As your kids get older, you can change the chores and rewards change.  A kindergartner may want to go the Jump Zone and that may equal making his or her bed for a week in a row and putting the napkins on the table for the dinner place settings.  You know your kids so adjust as you see fit.  It all starts with showing them how earning makes the reward so much more valuable.

Enjoy…Nancy Ann