Sunday returns…take note


There are a lot of ways to make someone feel loved.  Over the years, I have received some pretty nice notes.  Sometimes they were from a friend, sometimes from a stranger and sometimes from a family member.  Either way I stop to read the note and thing about the time it took the author.

This weeks series was about trying something new for 30 days.  Writing notes is something we should do for a lifetime, not just 30 days.  I am starting to send notes…what!…in the mail????  I bought a stack of cheap, small blank notes from the dollar store.  I actually even bought some stamps.  I had made a habit of leaving notes in my daughters lunch box and I vow to start again.

I don’t want to be someone who forgets to recognize an achievement or forgets to say thank you. On another note, saying thank you in writing can sometimes be good for someone at work. If you receive service above and beyond from a Police, Fire, EMS or Public Works you can jot a note to their Chief or Director…these go in their “permanent record”.

Thank you…in advance…from all your friends and family.

Enjoy…Nancy Ann