Save the bees when you plant your flowers….

As you are purchasing your Spring flowers please read the pesticide labels. Click Here to read the entire article about colony collapse disorder which directly effects our food supply. Basic information is below the photo.


Neonicotinoids are a relatively new class of insecticides that share a common mode of action that affect the central nervous system of insects, resulting in paralysis and death. They include imidacloprid, acetamiprid, clothianidin, dinotefuran, nithiazine, thiacloprid and thiamethoxam. According to the EPA, uncertainties have been identified since their initial registration regarding the potential environmental fate and effects of neonicotinoid pesticides, particularly as they relate to pollinators. Studies conducted in the late 1990s suggest that neonicotinic residues can accumulate in pollen and nectar of treated plants and represent a potential risk to pollinators.

Kitchen Hacks…MMMM…Bacon…

I often have a short amount of time to cook a quick dinner.  I do not want to use the stove and/or oven when I can make a perfectly awesome dinner quickly using frozen (easy and low maintenance) vegetables and a few chicken breasts, pork chops, burgers or fish.  My go to tool???  The Old School Foreman Grill!  Super simple, easy cleanup and low energy use!  I have included a few quick meals below.

The other option I use the Foreman for is BACON!  I purchase one package of thick cut, maple flavored, bacon and cook it all at once.  Four slices at a time on the Foreman and you have perfect, flat bacon with limited grease.  Easily drain the grease into the tray and dispose.  If this was the ONLY thing I used this thing for it would be perfect!

Example Meal #1:

  • Two Chicken Breasts seasoned with Penzy’s Arizona Dreaming spice blend (cooked on the Foreman)
  • Packaged Broccoli and Cheese

Example Meal #2:

Just use your imagination – super simple meals that take no time at all!

Okay let’s have some Party Fun…

Here is a dice game that can be played at any party, we made it for Christmas.  You just need one scratch off ticket for each person.  I went the extra mile and wrapped each one in a gift bag so no one knew what was inside.


I put either a $1, $2 or $20 scratch off in each package (we did only one $20 scratch off).  Then you grab a pair of dice and follow the directions here Party Dice Game.

Hopefully you will enjoy some laughs and someone will win a very big prize!

A little safety hack….

You may have seen your local Police Department post a photo like the one above.  It is super simple and sage advice.  The origin is something that you should all pay attention to, those of us that live in ‘safe’ areas tend to forget that we live in a transient society.  I have about 20 years of Public Safety experience and have, over the years, learned that a few simple steps can stop a LOT of crime.  Basically, being smart and observant stops almost all crimes of opportunity.

Here are a few things that are easy to do and will make your car or house or bicycle a less desirable target for opportunistic crime.

  • Never, ever leave your car running unattended with the keys inside
    • If you have an auto-start on your car that is a completely different story
  • Break down high end equipment boxes and put them completely in your recycle bin
    • No one needs to see Apple boxes or the box from your new TV sitting on the curb, it means there are new and easy to steal electronics inside your home
  • Have your Amazon packages shipped to work or a friends house
    • Amazon also offers pickup boxes or you can have stuff held at UPS stores
  • Shred your credit card offers
  • Consider a PO Box (or a UPS store box), especially if you travel a lot
  • Lock your car
  • Do NOT post your vacation pictures on ANY social media sites until you have returned home
    • I usually put them up when we are getting ready to get on the plane, it’s a good way to kill time in the airport
    • Same goes for business trips – post when you get back
  • Put your packages in the trunk while you are shopping
  • When you get in the car put your purse behind the seat on the floor
  • Hide your GPS including whatever you choose to mount it with
  • Lock your bike and take your helmet
    • Seems simple enough

It’s ok to take a stand…

I was a single mom for a very long time.  I still am, kinda, sorta.  I have one amazing daughter, and she has a variety of parents, she has a great fantastic grandma, me, Dad, and a stepdad and we all love her very much.  When there is a village raising a child that kid gets a lot of advice and a lot of personality, mine got a strong one.

One of the things that I instilled in my daughter from day one was that it was OK for her to be her. Sometimes that advice come with quite a bit of uncertainty.  I guess what I am trying to let everyone reading know is that it is OK to take a stand, I am not trying to get people to start a fight.  Fighting is unnecessary and drains your energy in almost every instance.  I think a more fitting way to take a stand is to politely say no or changing the way you respond to others, but POLITELY is necessary.

Below is a passage that is aimed at girls and how they can change their response to things that are presented to them.  I post this one because I am a girl raising a girl.  If you find a passage that relates to any other portion of society feel free to share.

Can you tie a shoe ???

As we move into the holiday season I would like to have a conversation about spending. While typing this I am working on helping my daughter, who is 19 years old, figure out what to get people as gifts for Christmas. My daughter is a college student who is going to Europe next semester to study abroad, this costs money. I was a single mom for 17 years of my daughters life, I know what it’s like to try and figure out what to get someone as a gift for Christmas or for their birthday. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that you don’t need to get people anything.  I want to challenge you to do things for people this holiday season. And yes, it is the Christmas season but it’s also the New Year season and Thanksgiving season and Hanukkah season, whatever you call it, it’s the holiday season. If you look around you’ll find someone that may be alone or far from their family or estranged from their family and they could really use a gift this season. By gift, I mean call that friend and invite them out for a cup of coffee, set up an all girls movie date or volunteer and talk friends &  acquaintances into volunteering with you, I know Feed My Starving Children is a great place to do that.  There are little things that you can do to help people, help them set up their new iPhone, go shopping with them and help them pick out ingredients for a recipe, just be creative and be yourself.  Sometimes, it’s just company that someone craves. I know that my mom likes to make dinner for us, it’s not that hard to take a time out and make that happen for her… and I get a free dinner!
I often talk to my family and friends about what kind of first world problems we have. Remember if you have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in and a meal to eat, you are richer than a lot of this world. Please think about how you can share that richness, what is inside your soul, with the rest of the world!