We really need to love each other…

So it’s been a long and sometimes frustrating week of ups and downs for many of us.  I think we need to get back to our basic humanity. I am challenging all of you to walk the talk this weekend, just two short days. High five a kid in the grocery store, buy the next person in line coffee, hold the door for someone and SMILE at your fellow humans. Just be kind… To EVERYBODY… For no other reason than that Kindness is SO Gangster.



Do you want to build a Snogloo?  In the Midwest today, there is a storm brewing.  Businesses are closing, Super Bowl events are being cancelled and so are some Super Bowl Parties.  There is 12″+ on the ground here.  Sometimes that gives us an opportunity to have some togetherness.  One adult in this house likes his snow blower…I like a shovel..our kids are teens or have furry paws…we can still accomplish this together.  Just like cooking and cleaning, work needs to be a family affair whenever possible.  It is a bit easier when your kids are little…you tell them to ‘help’ and they do.  A few days ago, one of my Facebook friends posted a picture of her son (about 5) dusting the bottom of their dining room table and today people were posting pics of their little kids shoveling.  My whole point is that these are simple ways that families can accomplish things together.

Here are some of the family things I have done with my girl since she was little.  Chores – she dusted while I vacuumed.  Cooking – I did the cutting while she measured ingredients.  Outdoor chores – we took turns picking the music and worked together weeding or she swept while I mowed.  Regardless we did it together.

Enjoy your family time…Nancy Ann

30 Days of Planking – I know we all look bad here….

plankAgain…not me…no one wants to see a picture of me planking.  Today’s challenge is to pick a plank calendar and work up your plank for 30 days.  Planking is not hard [no seriously] you work up to it and it isn’t hard.  Planking also has serious benefits to your core and muscles…and you can do it while you watch TV with no special equipment and you don’t need to get our of your PJs.  You can also plank as a family…really I swear kids can do it too…even the littles!

Here are a couple of plans to save on your phone or computer, set a timer or alarm for the same time every day and just start!

 plank 1 plank 2

Benefits of Planking!

why plank

Enjoy…you got this!…Nancy Ann

Good for a party… Or leftovers…


As a general rule, I keep crescent rolls in my refrigerator all the time. I have also invested in some pretty nice baking stones over the years. if you have a little imagination and those two items you can use your imagination to create a snack, or take along, or food for a party.

1). Take the crescent rolls large side in and make a circle. If you want to make it a little fancier you can take each crescent roll and make it into two triangles.

2). Fill the circle with anything that you can think of that would make a good handheld snack.

A combination of pepperoni and cheese?

Sliced cheese with lunch meat?

How about chicken salad?

Chopped up apples & cinnamon with a little sugar?

I think you get the idea. All you do is preheat your oven to 350°, take a little melted butter and paint it all over the crust so that it’s very shiny, put it in the oven until it turns a golden brown check and make sure your ingredients are cooked enough and YUM!!

Enjoy… Nancy Ann

Mmmmmm Tacos….

crock pot chicken tacos


I love simple cooking.  Less ingredients to buy and store and less figuring out at the last minute.  Below is my recipe for chicken tacos – you can mess around with it for pork (carnitas) or beef.  I use Ro-Tel [hack] for a lot of recipes and keep all sorts of flavors around the house for last minute meals.  If you wanted beef or pork tacos the recipe is basically the same, I would add smoky seasoning, or a can of root beer (pork) or some BBQ sauce to change the flavor.  The cooking instructions should be the same.

  1. Put 4-6 thawed and drained chicken breasts in your favorite crock pot
  2. Add one can of Ro-Tel – I use the one with the diced green chilis
  3. Cover and heat on high for four hours.  Set a timer for 3 ½ hours.
  4. LET – IT – SIT
  5. When your timer goes off, shred the chicken with two forks (or a fork and tongs)
  6. Add half a brick of cream cheese and do not stir.  I suggest you use regular full fat, generic cream cheese…nothing fancy.
  7. LET – IT – SIT for 30 minutes
  8. Stir well

Serve with any kind of taco fixings.

Enjoy…Nancy Ann