Making recipes healthier…

Quite a while ago I had a friend tell me to swap unsweetened applesauce for sugar in a recipe. For those of you that follow along you know I don’t really bake so I really have no idea if I would’ve made the recipe correctly using sugar. What I can tell you is that I made the most moist cookies I had ever made in my life. My family loved them and I didn’t even tell them what I had done. They were just crispy soft and absolutely perfect. 

Here are some more awesome recipe swaps from Greatest!

Check it out!

How to pack a hot (warm) curling iron

Take an inexpensive, square pot holder with a pocket. Place the curling or flat iron inside the pocket, fold in half and wrap the cord around the pocket. Secure by pulling the cord end into the loop. It’s DIY with no ‘do’!

It’s snowy and yucky here in the Midwest…

slipperIt is the time of year that I dread.  It is soooo cold when I get up to go to the gym in the morning and I CANNOT keep my shoes dry so I have to build in an extra couple of minutes for each trip just to change shoes.  Until now.  Today’s hack is simple, cheap, easy and involves men’s slippers.

Go to your favorite discount store and buy a pair of Large, Extra Large or Double Extra Large men’s slippers.  I purchased a $6 men’s clogs in Large and they fit perfectly over my Size 8.5 Boot Camp Nike shoes.

Easy Peasy and CHEAP!

Enjoy…Nancy Ann

Sunday returns…take note


There are a lot of ways to make someone feel loved.  Over the years, I have received some pretty nice notes.  Sometimes they were from a friend, sometimes from a stranger and sometimes from a family member.  Either way I stop to read the note and thing about the time it took the author.

This weeks series was about trying something new for 30 days.  Writing notes is something we should do for a lifetime, not just 30 days.  I am starting to send notes…what!…in the mail????  I bought a stack of cheap, small blank notes from the dollar store.  I actually even bought some stamps.  I had made a habit of leaving notes in my daughters lunch box and I vow to start again.

I don’t want to be someone who forgets to recognize an achievement or forgets to say thank you. On another note, saying thank you in writing can sometimes be good for someone at work. If you receive service above and beyond from a Police, Fire, EMS or Public Works you can jot a note to their Chief or Director…these go in their “permanent record”.

Thank you…in advance…from all your friends and family.

Enjoy…Nancy Ann

30 Days…watch the commercials..wait…what?…Huh? Isn’t that why I have a DVR?

Furniture Sliders

Okay..wait…what are those ↑↑↑↑?  Those are furniture sliders available at Menard’s (plug for my daughters employer).  They are a low cost (under $10) tool to make you watch the commercials.  I have a point here…I really do…my point is that in 2013 the average TV hour contained 14 minutes and 15 seconds of commercials.  When you translate that into quick workouts that’s a good amount of working out during your evening show.  The above referenced furniture sliders are great for slider workouts.  Start simple, put on some gym shoes and slide your legs in and out.  Then you can do a sliding lunge.  Commercial breaks are a few minutes in length so three exercises for 45 seconds each are good.

This is easy, cheap and good for you.  You can Google commercial workouts and there are several plans to try.  Find one that works for you.

Enjoy…Nancy Ann

30 Days of Planking – I know we all look bad here….

plankAgain…not me…no one wants to see a picture of me planking.  Today’s challenge is to pick a plank calendar and work up your plank for 30 days.  Planking is not hard [no seriously] you work up to it and it isn’t hard.  Planking also has serious benefits to your core and muscles…and you can do it while you watch TV with no special equipment and you don’t need to get our of your PJs.  You can also plank as a family…really I swear kids can do it too…even the littles!

Here are a couple of plans to save on your phone or computer, set a timer or alarm for the same time every day and just start!

 plank 1 plank 2

Benefits of Planking!

why plank

Enjoy…you got this!…Nancy Ann

Time for some real money for kids 10 – 13

Garage Sale

Today’s advice is aimed at transitioning your 10 – 13 year olds from whatever allowance they currently receive for chores, to earning their own money. Unfortunately, gone are the days of the local paper route, this was the way my father (at around 13!) earned a trip to New York City!  Our kids need to be a little more creative.  At this age, more mature kids can shovel, weed or help plant flowers for a neighbor.  You can help your child be creative and make cards to hand out.

Another way to earn money is to hold a garage sale.  In my house, there was always a bit of a surplus of toys and books.  If you (or maybe your entire neighborhood) has a garage sale have your child participate.  They should collect and price, with your help of course, items to sell.  It is my suggestion that you have them keep their items separate.  It is important that you hold onto the cash but help them make change and keep a tally of ‘profit’.  Don’t forget to  Share | Save | Spend that I blogged about yesterday.

Enjoy…Nancy Ann