Kitchen Hacks…MMMM…Bacon…

I often have a short amount of time to cook a quick dinner.  I do not want to use the stove and/or oven when I can make a perfectly awesome dinner quickly using frozen (easy and low maintenance) vegetables and a few chicken breasts, pork chops, burgers or fish.  My go to tool???  The Old School Foreman Grill!  Super simple, easy cleanup and low energy use!  I have included a few quick meals below.

The other option I use the Foreman for is BACON!  I purchase one package of thick cut, maple flavored, bacon and cook it all at once.  Four slices at a time on the Foreman and you have perfect, flat bacon with limited grease.  Easily drain the grease into the tray and dispose.  If this was the ONLY thing I used this thing for it would be perfect!

Example Meal #1:

  • Two Chicken Breasts seasoned with Penzy’s Arizona Dreaming spice blend (cooked on the Foreman)
  • Packaged Broccoli and Cheese

Example Meal #2:

Just use your imagination – super simple meals that take no time at all!

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