A little safety hack….

You may have seen your local Police Department post a photo like the one above.  It is super simple and sage advice.  The origin is something that you should all pay attention to, those of us that live in ‘safe’ areas tend to forget that we live in a transient society.  I have about 20 years of Public Safety experience and have, over the years, learned that a few simple steps can stop a LOT of crime.  Basically, being smart and observant stops almost all crimes of opportunity.

Here are a few things that are easy to do and will make your car or house or bicycle a less desirable target for opportunistic crime.

  • Never, ever leave your car running unattended with the keys inside
    • If you have an auto-start on your car that is a completely different story
  • Break down high end equipment boxes and put them completely in your recycle bin
    • No one needs to see Apple boxes or the box from your new TV sitting on the curb, it means there are new and easy to steal electronics inside your home
  • Have your Amazon packages shipped to work or a friends house
    • Amazon also offers pickup boxes or you can have stuff held at UPS stores
  • Shred your credit card offers
  • Consider a PO Box (or a UPS store box), especially if you travel a lot
  • Lock your car
  • Do NOT post your vacation pictures on ANY social media sites until you have returned home
    • I usually put them up when we are getting ready to get on the plane, it’s a good way to kill time in the airport
    • Same goes for business trips – post when you get back
  • Put your packages in the trunk while you are shopping
  • When you get in the car put your purse behind the seat on the floor
  • Hide your GPS including whatever you choose to mount it with
  • Lock your bike and take your helmet
    • Seems simple enough

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