It’s ok to take a stand…

I was a single mom for a very long time.  I still am, kinda, sorta.  I have one amazing daughter, and she has a variety of parents, she has a great fantastic grandma, me, Dad, and a stepdad and we all love her very much.  When there is a village raising a child that kid gets a lot of advice and a lot of personality, mine got a strong one.

One of the things that I instilled in my daughter from day one was that it was OK for her to be her. Sometimes that advice come with quite a bit of uncertainty.  I guess what I am trying to let everyone reading know is that it is OK to take a stand, I am not trying to get people to start a fight.  Fighting is unnecessary and drains your energy in almost every instance.  I think a more fitting way to take a stand is to politely say no or changing the way you respond to others, but POLITELY is necessary.

Below is a passage that is aimed at girls and how they can change their response to things that are presented to them.  I post this one because I am a girl raising a girl.  If you find a passage that relates to any other portion of society feel free to share.

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