Thank God it’s Friday…

Flight information including delays are on display on a screen at the Washington Dulles Airport in Dulles

Well…it is not a HUGE surprise that when I was traveling around the last two weeks I was delayed several times.  It is pretty boring to be delayed…and you cannot go far from the gate because the airlines can cancel a delay just as fast as they delayed the flight in the first place.  What can you do to pass time?

First, don’t go far…I have actually missed a delayed, then on time flight.  They won’t look for you for very long.  Second…take a trip to the bathroom.  If your flight was going to be delayed it will likely lose it’s place in line…you may sit on the ground loaded awaiting takeoff for a while.  Third…water, water, water.  Get a drink of water…I bring a refillable bottle and fill it as soon as it is through security.  In most airports there is a bottle filling station just past security, usually a TSA agent can tell you where it is.

Cheap things to buy at an airport?  You can usually pick up a cheap magazine or newspaper.   Also, you can look for a ½ price books at some larger airports, there is a nationwide book exchange at stores called Paradise Shops.  You can read and return books for a ½ price refund.  Then the used books are sold at a discount as well.

Enjoy your delay…Nancy Ann

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