Thursday…good common sense…

car burglar

There is a drug problem in the United States…this is not a surprise to anyone. When an addict needs to fuel a drug habit, they take things that are not theirs.  The funny thing is that most of the time people think that crime associated with addicts will not happen in their neighborhood…but it does.  “Well, it will not happen in my neighborhood…we live in a nice neighborhood.”  Start thinking like a desperate addict, what neighborhood would you go to if you were going to steal things that could be easily sold for cash or traded for more drugs?  Would you go to a poor neighborhood?  Heck no!  You would go to a nice neighborhood where residents are less likely to lock cars or doors.

The good common sense approach is to be safe no matter where you are.  Two simple steps are to lock your car doors and to close your garage door when you are not in the immediate vicinity.  There are plenty of easily stolen and pawned items in a garage…think tools and sporting equipment.  Keeping the door closed is the easiest deterrent.  Another, equally simple step is to lock your car doors.  Drug addicts are after the fast cash, they will steal your change and anything else that is left in your unlocked car.  Simple advice…lock your car…even in the driveway of your own house.

Be safe…Enjoy…Nancy Ann

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