Wednesday..but I WANT it…


Every day we see something that we want.  I am lucky enough to be part of the population that does not need anything.  I have always said there are only a few things that I will ever need…food and shelter.  I am a person who wants a great deal more.  There is nothing wrong with wanting somthing…a new TV, a better car…things that will make your life nicer…not better.

If you are mindful of financial boundaries it is okay to want…as long as you plan.  Below are two hacks for saving or that expensive want.

  • The envelope method – If you have an item that you want to purchase take an envelope and put $5 or more in the envelope every day.  I keep a tally on the outside.
  • The round up method – At the end of every day transfer all of your leftover pennies into a separate savings account

Bottom line is do not make a want purchase with credit…save and make sure you really want the want…otherwise you can transfer the money into your standard savings in case you have a need.

Enjoy…Nancy Ann

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