Tuesday…a little internet password safety hack


How many passwords do you have?  I have more than I can count.  That is why I use a variety of hacks to remember certain passwords for certain sites.  I also vary the email address I use to sign up for apps or sites.  Some of my hacks are listed below.

  • I use a password Keeper on my phone.  The one I use doubles as a plug in for Firefox and Chrome.  It keeps all passwords and usernames secure.  If you access a mobile site from within the app it is one tap to fill.  I have used this for over a year and LOVE it.
  • Create a password algorithm so you can remember passwords.  An example, not mine I assure you, is keyword@1234.

Bottom line is, utilize a system, and don’t tell anyone what your system is.   Don’t be afraid the internet and financial apps are not really any less safe than swiping your credit card at Target.  Keep track of your statements and watch your bank account, if you don’t understand a charge call and check right away.

Enjoy…be safe out there…Nancy Ann

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