Do you want to build a Snogloo?  In the Midwest today, there is a storm brewing.  Businesses are closing, Super Bowl events are being cancelled and so are some Super Bowl Parties.  There is 12″+ on the ground here.  Sometimes that gives us an opportunity to have some togetherness.  One adult in this house likes his snow blower…I like a shovel..our kids are teens or have furry paws…we can still accomplish this together.  Just like cooking and cleaning, work needs to be a family affair whenever possible.  It is a bit easier when your kids are little…you tell them to ‘help’ and they do.  A few days ago, one of my Facebook friends posted a picture of her son (about 5) dusting the bottom of their dining room table and today people were posting pics of their little kids shoveling.  My whole point is that these are simple ways that families can accomplish things together.

Here are some of the family things I have done with my girl since she was little.  Chores – she dusted while I vacuumed.  Cooking – I did the cutting while she measured ingredients.  Outdoor chores – we took turns picking the music and worked together weeding or she swept while I mowed.  Regardless we did it together.

Enjoy your family time…Nancy Ann

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