30-Day Challenge…Drink more water

waterYum….water.  Okay I know some of you are not as excited as I am about plain old drinking water.  It’s much more fun to drink tons of tea, a Diet Coke or a Slushie…but we have ALL seen the outcome of those habits.  When I was planning (I know it doesn’t seem like I plan) my blog series for this week my friend SN said she had pinned some 30-day Challenges on [Pinterest].  I was intrigued so I started looking up some for myself.

The first 30-day Challenge from 1dailyhack is pretty simple.  Drink one gallon of water a day.  You will be amazed about a few things.  First, you can do it, it may (will) take some ramp up time but you can do it.  Second, you get used to to water and can cut down on other beverages.  Third, it is a money saver.

For me it is a matter of filling (and refilling) a spring water gallon.  I am infusing my water with different things every few days.  This week it will be orange simply because I had some cuties that looked a little dried out.  I cut them up into tiny pieces and shoved them into the gallon jug.  If I cannot remove them next Sunday then I will invest in some type of gallon pitcher.

Some people have taken selfies on day one and day 30.  I may consider this…I know how much all of you want to see my face…not!  Good luck on your journey…ask a friend to join – remember that two are better than one.

Enjoy…Nancy Ann

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