6 Days of Yum….

This week I will be sharing recipe(s) that I have tried.  I promise to share only those recipes that have received my family seal of approval.  Since it is the first day of the week I thought I would start with breakfast and work through dessert.

eggsFirst a purchase suggestion…I like this extra large muffin pan (I do not get anything for the link…I just like this one).  If you do not have an extra large muffin pan you can use a regular muffin pan or tin or you can use large ramekins.

Here are a couple ‘recipies’…really you just mix eggs and toppings or bases and make your own concoction.

  • Eggs in a Basket
    • Grease the bottom of 6 muffin cups
    • Fill the very bottom with frozen hash browns
    • Crack and egg in each cup
    • Cook at 325º until the egg is fully cooked
    • Sprinkle some shredded cheese on top while they cool
  • Bacon and Eggs
    • Heat 6 pieces of bacon on a plate (in the microwave) to heat it up – approximately 45 seconds
    • Curl the bacon around each muffin cup
    • Crack an egg into each cup
    • Cook at 325º until the egg is fully cooked
  • Denver Omelette Muffins
    • Scramble 7 Eggs
    • Spray each of the muffin cups
    • Split the eggs between 6 muffin cups
    • Chop one large or three baby peppers and add to each cup
  • Other ideas
    • Spinach and Eggs (add cheese at the end)
    • Eggs and Sausage – chop up breakfast sausages (add cheese at the end)

I make 6-12 on Saturday and the leftovers are stored in individual storage containers.  My family reheats them and eats them for breakfast or lunch.  They usually make them sandwiches with sandwich thins.

Enjoy….Nancy Ann

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