Time for some real money for kids 10 – 13

Garage Sale

Today’s advice is aimed at transitioning your 10 – 13 year olds from whatever allowance they currently receive for chores, to earning their own money. Unfortunately, gone are the days of the local paper route, this was the way my father (at around 13!) earned a trip to New York City!  Our kids need to be a little more creative.  At this age, more mature kids can shovel, weed or help plant flowers for a neighbor.  You can help your child be creative and make cards to hand out.

Another way to earn money is to hold a garage sale.  In my house, there was always a bit of a surplus of toys and books.  If you (or maybe your entire neighborhood) has a garage sale have your child participate.  They should collect and price, with your help of course, items to sell.  It is my suggestion that you have them keep their items separate.  It is important that you hold onto the cash but help them make change and keep a tally of ‘profit’.  Don’t forget to  Share | Save | Spend that I blogged about yesterday.

Enjoy…Nancy Ann

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