A little something for those tickets…

So…full disclosure…I can’t scrapbook.  By can’t I mean can’t…my friend RS actually owns a scrapbook shop and she gave up on me years ago.  When I needed something scraped I have her or DS do it.  Seriously I can’t.

I go to events, games and live music… as you all know these events have tickets.  I always keep the ticket stubs as a souvenir.  In the past they have been collected in plastic bags waiting for RS or DS to have some time to make pages out of them. Seriously?  These two outstanding women have three kids a piece…they don’t have time do scrap for me.  I have about three pages.

Here is a quick craft shadow box project that requires zero talent to put together.  I am sure it will be appreciated by friends just like me.

Enjoy…Nancy Ann

Step 1:  Go to Walmart (or any other store that has picture frames) and buy a shadow box picture frame.

Step 2:  Use your computer to print out a cute background or draw on the paper that comes with the frame. (I printed a PowerPoint® slide and spray painted it with a little left over silver spray paint).

Step 3:  Give it as a gift!


image1 image6 image12



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