Whoops…What should I bring?

Have you ever been invited somewhere and you just know that you should bring something…anything as a gift or a thank you?  And if you are anything like me…you have zero in the talent department you would normally go to the store and buy something.

The rest of the week…good thing it is a short one or I would have run out of ideas…I will give you ideas of what to bring.  Make some in advance if you can, because if you are anything like me, it is easier for me to make a few at a time.  Today it’s a thankful jar…super easy and a great way to remember why 2015 was such a great year as you celebrate 2016.

Enjoy…Nancy Ann


Step One:  Find a Mason Jar…cheap and you may even have one hanging around the house.

Step Two:  Drill a giant hole in the center of the lid.

Step Three:  Put some ribbon around the rim or decorate any other way you like!  I spray painted the inside and lid with a light layer of glitter paint.

All year write down the good things that happen and those things you are thankful for on slips of paper (colorful is fun) and you will have a great gift to open around Christmas or at New Years 2016!! This is a great gift to bring to a January party.  Don’t forget to leave one at home for your family to use!

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)

One thought on “Whoops…What should I bring?

  1. I received one of these from a friend last year. My jar was a little bit different, same concept though. Whenever I was feeling sad or on the verge of crying, I was supposed to open the jar and take out a little note. She had written around 25 nice things about me. That jar helped me tremendously when I was feeling at my worst. Great idea, great first post!!


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