Welcome to 2015 and 1dailyhack!!!

2015 - 1

As we all usher in 2015, I think it’s a good time to reflect on only the good of 2014 but that proves difficult because we are human.  We need to concentrate on the good…celebrate it too.  We need to remember the not so good…it teaches lessons and shapes us into the people we are, it also reminds us how lucky we are and how small gestures make large differences.

Personally, 2014 had ups and downs for me.  I lost my awesome Cousins SH (I only use initials in my blog unless I have specific permission for names) and TD to crappy cancer.  Both cousins fought and fought hard, our families (one on each side) thought they had won their battle on more than one occasion.  Both cousins were contributors to this world, they were example setters and they both were professionally successful women.  Both cousins helped people, created tiny beings that grew up (or are growing up) to be awesome adults and they both left behind awesome memories.

If I close my eyes right now I can see their smiles…and yes I am crying.

As a family we saw a lot of good as well.  I was lucky enough to find the perfect job for me at a time when my former workplace was going through some major changes.  My dear mother BY won her second battle, the same battle that SH and TD lost, to that devil we call cancer.  This round the cancer was bad – triple negative is bad.  During her treatment she was able to share updates with friends and family through a Facebook page that I was able to jump on and post in case she was slow.  On a side note, if you have not taught someone, especially someone that is not technical, about something like Facebook you should try.  The questions make me laugh so hard I cried.

 More good news…two family members WM and NS are both steaming ahead to 94 years old and they have great quality of life.  Most of all our entire extended family has warm beds, a roof over our heads and food in the fridge.  We are better off than 50% of the worlds population (not a real statistic, just how I feel).

Oh, and last but certainly not least, my daughter was accepted into all four colleges that she applied to…a blessing and a curse as she will move FAR, FAR away from me to pursue her dream of sharing the English language with kids as a teacher.

Most of you are wondering what this blog is about.
Well….it is about a lot of things.

This week I will be showing you how to make cheap, quick crafts that are great gifts for when you don’t want to go over to a friend’s house empty handed.

Next week we will be talking finances…not yours…the kiddies.

And….big super sized drum roll please….every Sunday will be
a hack for your fellow man | woman | child | animal.

Good news or good deeds to be shared.

Please follow me on Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+ look for 1dailyhack

Welcome…have a seat, a cup of coffee or tea and stay a while!

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